The Feline Good Cat Cafe Cardiff Review

Do you love Cats? Do you love Tea? I do and I found a haven at Cardiff's First Cat Cafe!
It's been a stressful summer for me organising events in work and keeping to university deadlines and that called for a little stress relief in the form of a trip to the Feline Good Cafe! Drink tea, have cake and stroke cat, what a perfect combination for a stressful week.

We arrived at 4pm prompt and entered through the first door into the lobby and were then let into the cafe itself by one of the kitty buddies, they took our reservation and we got sat at our table by the window. The first thing I noticed was how friendly and active the cats were, there were six cats in total; Winston, Simon, Lizzie, Marie, Sirius Black and Ash. We were able to get in on some petting straight away and Winston was particularly drawn to us, along with Ash. 

Winston (above & below)

Simon (above & below)

Lizzie (above)

Marie (above)

Sirius Black (above)

Ash (above & below)

There is plenty of choice on the menu, even for fussy eaters. We enjoyed some of the best English Breakfast Tea we've ever tasted along with some delicious ham and cheese sandwiches. We also saw some fantastic looking cakes but did not want to spoil our dinner.

So the cost for this visit was around £23. £5 each entry for cat welfare and £13 for two teas and two plates of sandwiches which is pretty good value and I do not mind spending my money where I can eat whilst playing with cats.

We had an amazing time at the Cat Cafe and we will be back again for another dose of stress relief. Please see more information on the Feline Good Cat Cafe here.

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