How To Find Inspiration

Inspiration is one of the key themes of success, in order to come up with unique ideas and concepts to get ahead in life and in business we need motivation and inspiration and sometimes it's really difficult to find inspiration and stay motivated. Here are a couple of ways I stay motivated:


Pinterest is my favourite visual social network for viewing others photos, blog posts and quotes. I find Pinterest extremely addictive and I could sift through inspirational quotes or outfit ideas for hours, however, Pinterest is a great tool to find and discover inspiration for work, home, outfits and make up. In fact I have Pinterest boards with a variety of inspirational material from careers to quotes. You can check out my primary board of inspiration here.


Reading has always been the easiest way for me to gain inspiration and not just by reading inspirational books. I can read any book and come up afterwards full of ideas and inspiration. If you're looking for a really inspirational and easy to read I can recommend #Girlboss or The Little Black Book


You've probably heard this one a million times before but get outside. Taking your mind off the project in hand can do wonders for your inspiration. Whether it's walking the dog, joining a gym class or going for a run, I guarantee when you get back to your desk you'll have a new idea or two to keep you going.

Join a group

I am a member of countless inspirational and motivational Facebook groups such as The Classy Career Girl Network and Bullet Journal Junkies, find your own inspirational Facebook groups to join, just type the hobby, job or keywords in the Facebook search bar and see what comes up. I am also lucky enough to be part of a group of 5 amazing bloggers that keep my inspired daily, I can ask questions and discuss ideas freely which really helps my creative process.

Take a day

Focus on you for a day. Get up early, have a healthy breakfast, go for a walk, have an afternoon of pampering, watch your favourite Netflix show and have an early night. Sometimes all we need is a little break away to re charge, I tend to book a spa day or at least a massage in order to release the stress. 

What helps you find motivation? 

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