5 Ways To Get Your Sh*t Together

Girl, welcome to the post we all Google at some point in our lifetime. If you're anything like me you have two versions of yourself. Version 1; You are super organised, you're super chill, you're basically winning at life. Version 2; You're eating dominoes, wearing the same pyjamas you've been wearing for a week and you have a to do list as long as the London Marathon.

Get Planning

Don't wing it, plan it. One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is not planning our time better, think of all the time you waste sleeping in, missing appointments, doing menial tasks. Get yourself a planner or organiser. I'm currently trying out the Bullet Journal method. Planning doesn't just mean scheduling, it also means deciding what your priorities are and in which order they are most important. 

Get Saving

On the next day that you leave the house and pass a bank, go and open a savings account and put £20 in it, then go home and organise a direct debit to put a minimum of £10 a month into your savings account. A savings account is a contingency plan when everything goes to sh*t, flat tyre? Buy a new one. Struggling to pay this months rent? Dip into savings. Another mistake we make in life is spending money as quickly as we make it. Learn to save money and be smarter with money.

Get Organising

The chances are your home or bedroom is not as organised as it should be, has everything got a place? Is there a spot around you that is primarily a useless junk dump? Lay it all out and decide what is useful, what you can donate and what is in serious need of a vacation the the bin. A clutter free space is a step closer to an easier life. 

Get Moving

I've been a gym bunny, a duvet diver and an in between. It's good to find a balance when it comes to exercise, if you do not enjoy pumping away at the gym, or you do not enjoy running around the park then find an alternative that you do enjoy, dancing in heels? Spin class? Zumba? Find an activity that gets you moving that you enjoy and then go, regularly. After a month or two switch it up and try something new, just keep moving. I guarantee you'll feel a lot better in yourself.   


Own your life, do not watch your life pass you by. Work on improving yourself, become a better person, work on your appearance and your self love. How you feel on the inside is as important as what is surrounding you on the outside. 

Have you got your sh*t together?

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