Make More Time With Bidvine

Are you very busy? Do you find you do not have enough time to complete mundane tasks or you cannot be bothered to go and seek services because of the amount of time it takes to research? Then I think I've got the answer... Bidvine.

The Feline Good Cat Cafe Cardiff Review

Do you love Cats? Do you love Tea? I do and I found a haven at Cardiff's First Cat Cafe!
It's been a stressful summer for me organising events in work and keeping to university deadlines and that called for a little stress relief in the form of a trip to the Feline Good Cafe! Drink tea, have cake and stroke cat, what a perfect combination for a stressful week.

5 Ways To Get Your Sh*t Together

Girl, welcome to the post we all Google at some point in our lifetime. If you're anything like me you have two versions of yourself. Version 1; You are super organised, you're super chill, you're basically winning at life. Version 2; You're eating dominoes, wearing the same pyjamas you've been wearing for a week and you have a to do list as long as the London Marathon.

How To Find Inspiration

Inspiration is one of the key themes of success, in order to come up with unique ideas and concepts to get ahead in life and in business we need motivation and inspiration and sometimes it's really difficult to find inspiration and stay motivated. Here are a couple of ways I stay motivated:

The Ultimate Afternoon Tea For Career Girls Who Need A Break

Busy Bee's

After a very busy week in work and university, I was delighted to be invited by The Vale Resort for Afternoon Tea on Sunday the 26th. My company for the day were my ultimate blogging babes Neesha, Lottie and Holly. Unfortunately, I had not seen them for ages since I've been so busy and therefore this was the perfect opportunity to catch up with how everyone's personal and professional lives were progressing.