Career Development and Women's Equality in the Workplace

In Wales we are extremely lucky to have Chwarae Teg, an initiative set up for the women in wales to develop their skills, enter the workplace and build their careers. Chwarae Teg works with academics, industry influencers and the government in the development of policies. Chwarae Teg is encouraging women living in Wales to achieve and prosper in the workplace.
Their mission is to work with women to broaden horizons and build confidence and skills, to work with employers to create modern workplaces that are successful in harnessing everyone's contribution and working with influencers, educators and decision makers to build a society that supports, values and benefits men equally.

Chwarae Teg was developed in 1992 after the results of the first major survey regarding the role for women in the welsh economy in South Wales. Chwarae Teg was formed and Jane Hutt became the project executive

In 2008 the Agile Nation initiative was announced and in 2009 it was launched to help 2,700 women and 600 businesses discover new ways of working together. 

In 2010 the Womenspire campaign came to light.

In 2011 Agile Nation had helped 1642 women and won the working families award.

In 2012 Chwarae Teg celebrated their 20th anniversary.

I am all about promoting equality and diversity in the workplace and I believe Chwarae Teg is working towards that.

I've recently signed up for a Leadership & Management course with Chwarae Teg through the #MakeYourself initiative which offers a fully funded career development programme.

Unfortunately, Chwarae Teg does not operate in England however I have found a few alternatives such as ECU for colleges and universities and WISE who promote women in science, technology and engineering.

Have you heard of Chwarae Teg or any other opportunities for Career Development?

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