Career development and investing in yourself

I am a big fan of DEVELOPMENT. Be it personal development, career development, product development, business development (I could go on but I won't) I love it all. Developing something new or something further is, for me, extremely exciting. Keep developing in all aspects of your personal and career life people! But today, I want to focus on Career Development and how investing in yourself could be one of the best decisions you could make for you and your career.

Career Development is all about proactive planning and development towards your career goals.

I have a confession; I have a five year plan, which changes every year. Why? Because every year my goals change and alter, the more experience and knowledge I gain the more informed decisions I can make for my career.

In order to get down to the nitty gritty of career development you should;

  1. Write down your career goals
  2. Action steps for how you can achieve your goals
  3. Analyse what you've written for weaknesses such as missing qualifications or experience you may require
  4. Research into how you could overcome these weaknesses
  5. Apply for courses, chat to your manager and see if your workplace could aid you

You can download your very own career development plan here.

You now need to come to terms with the actions you need to execute in order to complete your goals.

I'd never come across anyone in business commenting on the importance of investing in yourself until I listened to a podcast by Mattie from Mattiology.

You must invest in yourself in order to develop (my favourite word again) yourself further into the kick ass business woman you are aspiring to be. Investing in yourself may be different for every single one of us, we may all need to invest in ourselves in different areas.

I recently invested in a few workwear pieces, a Personal Trainer, I've also invested in an online course in Digital Marketing, a course in Leadership and Management and I'm currently invested in a International Hotel Management Degree.

Perhaps you need to invest in a course, a degree, some gadgets, books, a consultant, a professional wardrobe....there are endless opportunities for you to invest in yourself for further career development. 

Stick at it, you have a plan, it's time to follow it.

Have you got a Career Development plan?

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