Can hard work beat intelligence?

''Hard work beats intelligence if intelligence doesn't work hard.''

I don't necessarily agree with this quote as I believe it is a lot more complicated than intelligence and hard work, there are many other components to success.

If someone is intelligent but lacks drive, ambition and focus then of course someone who works hard will surpass them. However, I also believe that it takes more than hard work and intelligence to becoming successful some other components to success are passion, knowing your craft, enjoying what you're doing, listening to the experiences of others, surrounding yourself with people who can help you succeed, having personal experiences that encourage growth as well as career experiences where you've taken risks and learned from them. Success also takes time, it's like making the perfect fruit cake, you cannot rush it or it will fail, you need the right ingredients, the right measurement of ingredients and it needs the right amount of time in the oven and the right amount of time to age.

If you're here looking for ways to get ahead then here's 4 things to work on.

  1. Knowledge is power, go and do a course, read a book, find a mentor in your field who has already succeeded and be sure to ask all the questions and get all the feedback, go to conferences, workshops or talks by industry influencers.
  2. Work on getting as much experience as possible, get a side hustle, part time job, volunteer, pad up your CV with as much relevant experience as possible.
  3. Go to Networking events and network with as many people in your industry as possible, get some business cards made, take them around and introduce yourself. You never know where those connections could lead you.
  4. Update your LinkedIn, if you are yet to get a LinkedIn page, I'm extremely disappointed in you, go and sign up now. You can add me as a connection here. I also have a further post on how to use LinkedIn for success here.
  5. Just a few things you can do to get ahead of the game!

Do you think hard work can beat intelligence?

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