#Blogmas | National Rosa Parks Day

It's National Rosa Parks day and therefore I wanted to celebrate such an inspirational woman on my blog. On Thursday 1st of December Rosa Parks took a stand that would change the world, she refused to give up and give in to white privilige. We all know the story of Rosa Parks the woman who could not be moved and if you don't then I suggest you go and read up on this great historic event here.

I am extremely proud to call Rosa Parks one of my role models, she stood up for what she believed in, suffered for it but continued to fight for civil rights no matter what. Re reading the incredible story of Rosa Parks and has re lit a fire inside me to stand up for what I believe in and be unpologetic about it. Now it's our turn, women of the future to stand up and be counted, make the changes that still must be made in global equality.
Thank you Rosa Parks, we will always remember.

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