Anti Bullying Week 2016 | My Story, My Advice

A large part of my childhood consisted of being bullied, which is why I believe I don't remember a whole lot of it, my mind seems to have a special way of putting the traumatic experiences of my past in a box but occasionally they sneak out and I get a flash back of something that happened at school. Why was I bullied? I was bullied for the colour of my hair, for being ginger and I was bullied for being different. I was left out, isolated, my belongings stolen and destroyed, being called names, left out, pinched and kicked. Throughout my childhood and up to this point in the present I've never 'fitted in', I'm 21 now, in university and I still don't fit in, but it bothers me less, I know who I am, and I am my own person. I put a lot of this down to bullying and other traumatic experiences that made me decide one day to jump on a plane to America alone and work as a Camp Counselor for the Summer, during my time away I grew so much as a person, experienced some great and some horrible things and came back home a different person, focusing on my career, my future and myself.