Make 10 Minutes For Yourself Everyday

Most of us lead busy lives juggling work, family, home chores and other commitments. Studies show that giving ourselves just 10 minutes a day can lower stress levels, improve motivation and strengthen the ability to relax. Finding a small amount of time which is purely dedicated to you may seem tricky at first and you may not be able to stick to it each day, so make sure you’re flexible with yourself. Being conscious that your break will come at some point in the day is a good way to make it happen! Here are four ideas to make the most of your break.

  1. Get creative. Whether you like crafting, playing a musical instrument, knitting, gardening or scrapbooking, doing something creative is not only satisfying because it gives you an end result, but it is also good for the soul. In ten minutes, you can pick a beautiful flower bouquet, fill a page from a colouring book for adults (check out Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden) or take out the ukulele and play your favourite version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”!
  2. Play games online. Who doesn’t have time for a quick game on their laptop or smartphone? If you’re into easy puzzle games, then try Tsuro which has an Asian spiritual theme. Keep this “cool vibe” with a game of Seaside Bingo which is available at bgo bingo and recreates the atmosphere of a traditional holiday resort – it starts with a fun rendition of “I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside”. If you’re a new player at bgo you can even get a £40 welcome bonus when you deposit as little as £10.
  3. Relax: Practising mindfulness or meditation is a way to unwind completely during or at the end of a busy day. Meditation helps us to look at issues from the outside and connects us with real emotion, instead of created emotion. There are many simple exercises which can enable you to switch off from concerns or everyday worries, helping you to bring calm and peace to your life. The easiest is to close your eyes and focus on your breathing, allowing yourself to slow down and acknowledge both pleasant and uncomfortable sensations in your body without any judgement.
  1. Go outside. Studies prove that getting fresh air and connecting with nature improves psychological and physical wellbeing. Sunlight produces vitamin D and being in the outdoors increases memory and stimulates mental activity. Taking a walk in the fresh air also helps us to think through thoughts and emotions, encouraging us to throw out negative thoughts, prioritise and find solutions. So take a walk in the park next to your workplace or if there isn’t any green space around you, create a “sit spot” on the rooftop of your building or in another outdoor location where you can take in wide views and simply observe your surroundings.

It’s easy to find ways to get just 10 minutes to yourself each day and you could find that it changes your outlook on life and has a positive effect on your energy, sleep and relationships. And once you’ve managed to find this short time every day you may also start thinking about extending your time-out sessions at weekends!

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