Flat Tour & Tips For Students

I'm extremely excited to finally be showing you around my little flat, my first 'home' away from home. Moving out for me was easy, packing and moving in a bunch of stuff was not hard at all, the hard part was once I'd moved my stuff in and Adam and my family had gone home. Being alone, in my own space, that was the hard part. When we think of moving out away from our parents we get excited, we can't wait to not have parents waking you up in the afternoon because you've slept in, or to not have to do chores around the house, we're excited to do our own thing and decorate our own space and all those things are great but what we don't think about is how we are going to cope mentally on our own. If you live with flatmates or house sharing then you'll have less of this to worry about however you will have to spend time with yourself and you should get used to it, so you don't end up like me having a breakdown two weeks into independent living.

So now to show you around my special little space. My flat is smack bang in the middle of Swansea and is a studio flat with a £540 a month rent.

Tips for Students

1. Location, Location, Location.
I live in the centre of Swansea, university is 12 minutes walk away and my job is 10 minutes walk away. I'm in the middle and this makes everything super easy for me, the market is just down the road, the closest Tescos is one street over and my gym is two minutes down the road. Think about what is important for you to have near by...public transport? supermarket? gym? university?

2. Save, Save, Save.
It still shocks me today how many students come to university with no money saved for bonds and security deposits, never mind the first months rent. Most student properties require half months rent up until you move in, an admin fee and a bond. You should think about saving for these way before you start university.

3. Get everything in writing.
I've been burned several times because of this. Someone can promise you this and that but if you haven't got it in writing and they haven't done it then you have no leg to stand on. When I moved into my property I was expected it to be cleaned and painted with everything fixed as that's what I had been told but instead I was met with dirt, grime, broken microwave, filthy furniture and there was nothing I could do about it. Get them to write it all in an email.

4. Read your tenancy agreement.
Be sure to read your tenancy agreement and highlight anything you don't understand or don't agree with and discuss it with your landlord or letting agent.

5. Security.
Make sure you feel safe in your property, for example I couldn't live alone in a house without CCTV, it would just scare me. I live in a flat that requires a special key to enter and then from there in theres CCTV and you can only access a floor if you live on it, this makes it difficult for people to get in and if you don't have a key it's impossible. What would make you feel safer?

What do you think of my little space?

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