Announcement: Life Update, New Job & Early Move In

I apologise about the lack of posts and engagement in the last few months, things have been *crazy* to say the least. Most of you will know by now that I got a new job down in Swansea at the end of July, I had to move into the flat in the space of a day and adjusting to living alone has been a difficult challenge, even being the strong independent goddess I am it has been a surprisingly difficult couple of months. So here's the dreaded *LIFE UPDATE* no one really reads, but I hope you will....

Friends & Family.
At the end of July my younger sister began loosing her hair rapidly, after a trip to the doctors she was diagnosed with prestigious anemia, depression and severe anxiety. In the space of a month she lost all her hair, her eyebrows and eyelashes. For a young girl this can be detrimental to their confidence but I am proud to announce she's been a complete champ about it, a few weeks ago she got two wigs and got help from the most amazing charity to make it possible to have them. I'm extremely proud to say she's handled it so well and has not let it affect her life.

I left the comfort of my position of Junior Assistant Manager at the Nant Ddu Lodge Hotel, Spa & Bistro in late July for a post at the Grape & Olive Swansea as a Functions Manager. I've been in post just over a month now and I already feel like I've learnt a lot, I'm really interested in the hospitality industry and as my course has a placement at the Marriott hotel I'm getting a shed load of experience.

On the 12th of September I begin my induction week and on the 19th I begin my course, I've been anticipating this since March and I cannot wait to get stuck in, I finally know what I want to do, I'm getting the experience and now I am also getting the experience to back it up. I'm so happy and so proud to finally have a path that I am happy and confident with.

I've moved in on my own and it's taken awhile to get used to it, I managed to drop my phone down the toilet and had to survive with no internet and no phone for almost a week which was surprisingly difficult. Settling into my new job was a little challenging but I'm excited for what the next six months hold for me. I've cut out meat, I've realised I don't really like it that much so I'm testing a more veggie diet.

Health & Fitness.
Food loving Ffion has splashed out on a PT to get her into shape, I have a workout plan focusing on weight loss and toning as well as a *veggie* nutrition plan to help me eat a healthy balanced diet. I have three PT sessions a week and add in my own solo sessions or partner sessions with Ads when I can.

I wrote this in a Starbucks and felt very pro/posh blogger indeed, I would not recommend the Chocolate Cheesecake Muffin. 

What exciting things have been going on in your life in the last couple of months?

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