How To Increase Your Connections On LinkedIn

Now I've already discussed earlier this year how you can make LinkedIn work for you and now I want to tell you how can increase your connections and grow your network which could eventually aid you in being head hunted or finding your dream job.

1. Connect
Connect with people you know, connect with old school friends and colleagues. Search companies you admire or would like to work for and connect with their staff.

2. Be active
In order to be seen you need to stay active, update your skills, roles, interesting business related articles and status's at least twice a week, this way you continue to be visible to your 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections.

3. Perfect Profile
Ensure your profile is completed, proof read and is as aesthetically pleasing as is possible. Make sure your profile picture is looks professional.

4. Join LinkedIn Networks
Just like Facebook groups, join LinkedIn Groups to find new connections, discuss topics and show your thorough knowledge of your field or aspiring field.

5. Find LIONS
LIONS are a totally new way for me to gain connections as after doing a little research for this post I found LIONS are actually Linked In Open Networkers who accept connections from everyone.

Extra: LinkedIn has three separate layers of connections, 1st connections are those you are connected with and 2nd and 3rd connections are those who are connected to your connections so if it were Facebook 1st connections would be Facebook friends, 2nd and 3rd connections would be friends of friends.

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