#GetFeD Summer Menu Review*

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I go out to eat a lot and I love food more than anything so when the owners of FeD got in touch to ask if I'd like to check out their all you can eat buffet I didn't even need to take a minute to think about it.

I decided to take Rhian as my plus one as we were due a girly date. When we arrived we were greeted and sat at our table. My first impression of the interior of FeD was 'WOW' it was modern, funky and there was plenty to look at, there were several eating areas and they were all a little bit different. We made sure we got a table by the desserts to make sure I could ogle them and decide how much mains I could eat first.
Your drinks order is taken at the table and then you're free to head on up to fill your plate. FeD have a fantastic range of summer cocktails and mocktails which sounded delicious but since I was driving I kept to the soft drinks. To read a bit more about the cocktails and mocktails check out Charlotte's post.

Before we grabbed a plate we took a look around at what was on offer, there was cuisine from many different countries including China, Japan, India, Texas and Britain. One of my favourite dishes was the garlic chicken, if you're heading to FeD anytime soon then check it out, it's delicious. There was plenty of choice for vegetarians and I made sure to try those out too, I actually preferred some of the veggie variations.  You could also request dishes at the grill, Rhian got a minted lamb chop which she really enjoyed. There was also somewhere where you could request sea food dishes too, so plenty of ways you can customise your own meal.

After we had stuffed ourselves to the brim with all the delicious mains we took five minutes and then headed over to the desserts. At the dessert counter there were a variation of ice creams, jellies, cheesecake, brownie pudding, brownies, creme brûlée, chocolate fountain and tiramisu! My favourite out of all the deserts had to be the tiramisu! It was one of the best I've ever tasted and happily went back up for seconds. 

After dessert we needed about 30 minutes just to rest and then we headed home. Rhian and I both really enjoyed our experience at FeD Cardiff and we're looking forward to our next trip back there. Be sure to check out their Summer menu and grab yourself a cocktail or mocktail whilst your there. There is something for everyone at FeD Cardiff.

Have you #GotFeD yet?

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