Beauty Blender Dupe by Pamper Therapy*

If you haven't heard of the Beauty Blender then you're either not that into make up or you've been living under a rock. Over the last couple of month the popularity of the beauty blender has struck us all. As I am a make up brush girl through and through when Pamper Therapy got in touch for me to review their own make up sponge I jumped at the chance to test my commitment to make up brushes.
I've used other sponges before in a variety of shapes and sizes but never really committed to them, instead I preferred using my brushes or my hands. However, after doing a little bit of research I decided to give this a try, so spontaneously one morning I got out the sponge, applied dollops of foundation to my face and used the Pamper Therapy sponge to dab and blend my foundation in and I kid you not, I got the perfect even coverage and blend.

The pointed tip: for applying and blending concealer under your eyes and in other small areas.
The flat side: fuller coverage for layering foundation.
The round side: covering large areas and giving a perfectly blended finish.

I use the rounded side to dab and blend my forehead and cheeks, whilst I use the flat side to layer my concealer over my base foundation and finally the pointed side to blend close to and around my eyes. Check out what it looked like in the picture below!

Order on Amazon now for just £7.95! Under half the price of the original Beauty Blender.

Brushes vs Sponges? What side are you on?

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