5 Things To Negotiate If You Can't Negotiate Your Salary

Sometimes you get a great opportunity at a killer company to go and succeed in your chosen career however the pay isn't quite what you think it should be and the company is unwilling to pay you a better salary, instead of settling try negotiating a few of these 5 things instead.

1. Holiday & Sick Pay
Getting extra holiday pay and/or sick pay can be a useful tool to have when you want to book a few days off with your partner or a holiday with the girls.

2. Performance Compensation
Bonuses and/or performance compensation should be something you aim to negotiate so when you are busting your ass and get great results you are compensated for going above and beyond to ensure success.

3. Flexi Time
Flexi time has increased in popularity in the workplace and employers are recognising that actually employees do not need to be sat in the office at all times to work. Desk sharing has also become increasingly popular as not everyone needs a desk or office 100% of the time. Try and negotiate more flexi time such as 3 days in 2 days out.

4. Transportation & Reimbursement
We're expected to do more and more in the workplace to increase the success of the company and therefore we can sometimes end up travelling or buying extra things for the business. Ensure you negotiate fuel costs and reimbursement for anything you may purchase on behalf of the company.

5. Education & Qualifications
Most workplaces offer extra education or qualifications. Be sure to negotiate onto these courses as they can be useful to have or look good on your CV.

Have you ever negotiated a salary or one of the above? How did it go?

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