#OOTD Midi Striped Skirt + Black Vest

Last month we were invited to Bluestone to review a 5 day stay and whilst we were there we did a lot of blogging and a lot of photography. Here's an outfit that I wore out on our last night, you can check out my other Bluestone blog posts here.

5 Steps To Breaking Bad Habits

We've all got bad habits, I for one have many; being negative, over eating, sitting in front of Netflix for 23465468 hours at a time and the reason that these things are bad habits is because they all have a detrimental effect on my mental and physical well being. I'm working on a lot of my bad habits and over the month or two I've made quite a lot of progress and now I'm ready to share with you how to kick that bad habit.

Bad habits form because of repetition or through positive reinforcement.

1. Write down the bad habit you are trying to break.
Put that bad habit on paper with a pen, underline it, write it in bold or whatever. That is the habit that you ARE going to break. Then say it out loud 'I will ....'

Example: I will not comfort eat crap.

2. Recognise your triggers.
Keep a notebook handy with you during the day and see what triggers your bad habit. Write down every trigger you come across.

Example: Stress, lack of access to healthier alternatives.

3. Avoid your triggers
Write down every single one of your triggers on your notebook and then by the side of that an idea on how to avoid them.

Example: Manage my stress through stress management and buy healthy snacks.

4. Substitute your bad habits for good habits
Now in order to finalise breaking your habit create a new good habit, something that will benefit you.

Example: I will meditate every day and eat celery instead of junk food as a snack.

5. Enlist help
And if you're still struggling then enlist the help of your friends and family. Let them know you're trying to break a habit, what the habit is and what you're trying to do to break it and how they can help.

Example: I could ask a friend to join me for yoga and ask mum to hide the junk food or stop buying it.

What bad habits do you need to break?

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Urbanista San Fransisco Mosiac Earphones* & My Top 10 Summer Tunes

Check out these super funky earphones from Urbanista, this is just one of thirteen different colours from the San Fransisco collection. Unique, these headphones hold a beautiful print on pastel colours making them a great fashion accessory. My beautiful earphones are in Pink Paradise but you can also get them in Ocean drive.

Learn To Be A Better Leader With The Value In You Cards*

Hello aspiring career girls, have I got something different for you today! May I introduce to you 'The Value In You' inspirational leadership cards created by Roxanne M St Clair. Roxanne is an inspirational speaker, passionate educator, effective coach and author. You can find out more about her on the website here where you can also purchase these cards.
These 52 cards hold inspirational and motivational information, some of that we already know and tend to forget and others that we may not have uncovered yet. The aim of these cards is the help you make the right choices to fulfil your ambitions for a balanced lifestyle.

How these cards work? Everyday you pick a card which has a paragraph of wisdom which is sometimes lead with an example or a suggestion. You then need to read it and take a few minutes to try and apply it to your own life and then it's your opportunity to make a related action which will help you achieve for that day. These may also work well in groups where everyone can choose a card and use it as a talking point whilst applying it to their own situation.

Example of how to use these cards:

The Card: Dream

Your dreams are more than just a fantasy that you take out every now and then, they can become your reality.

Allow yourself to dream vivid dreams to create a life that you would really like to lead.

My process:

When we get to a certain age we're forced to quit creativity, stop dreaming and grow up into reality, however dreams can be very good for us to visualise where we would like to be. My father recently explained something to me which really sunk in which was 'If you aim to run 8 miles then you might run 4 but if you aim to run 2 miles you might only run 2' I don't know if this makes sense to you but what it means is, if you're going to dream then dream big, you might not reach that dream in the end but you'll get further than if you hadn't dreamed it at all. I really feel like I need to follow my dreams more and stop doubting myself otherwise I'm never going to get where I want to be. 

To me, the above process has given me instant insight and motivation to have a really productive period, working towards my dreams.

What do you use to consistently improve your leadership?

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#GetFeD Summer Menu Review*

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I go out to eat a lot and I love food more than anything so when the owners of FeD got in touch to ask if I'd like to check out their all you can eat buffet I didn't even need to take a minute to think about it.

Beauty Blender Dupe by Pamper Therapy*

If you haven't heard of the Beauty Blender then you're either not that into make up or you've been living under a rock. Over the last couple of month the popularity of the beauty blender has struck us all. As I am a make up brush girl through and through when Pamper Therapy got in touch for me to review their own make up sponge I jumped at the chance to test my commitment to make up brushes.

5 Things To Negotiate If You Can't Negotiate Your Salary

Sometimes you get a great opportunity at a killer company to go and succeed in your chosen career however the pay isn't quite what you think it should be and the company is unwilling to pay you a better salary, instead of settling try negotiating a few of these 5 things instead.

How To Increase Your Connections On LinkedIn

Now I've already discussed earlier this year how you can make LinkedIn work for you and now I want to tell you how can increase your connections and grow your network which could eventually aid you in being head hunted or finding your dream job.