Why Do You Need A Mentor?

What is a Mentor? Mentee?
A mentor is an experienced professional, meanwhile a mentee is eager to soak up the knowledge and experience of the mentor.

Why do we need Mentors?
Mentors can help you to plan our career path, they introduce you to important people in your industry, they give alternative working methods and challenge the way you do things to help come up with improvements. 

The benefit to the Mentor is passing on their advice and wisdom helping someone to grow in their field and advance in their career. The benefit of the relationship to the Mentee is having someone who knows a little more about the practical side of things. As some (not all) of us aspiring career girls and guys usually have just hopped out of education and are trying out our first or second job it can benefit us to have some guidance on what we should be doing to get to the next step.

Where to find a Mentor? 
This is a little bit more difficult. You're looking for someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can learn from, it would we preferable to have them in or around your place of work but not entirely necessary for example I'm currently looking for a suitable Mentor on LinkedIn and when I leave for University in September I already have my eye on a professor that I'm hoping to chat with. Even if you are unable to find a full time mentor or a suitable mentor there are still a few things you could do:

Listen to those around you and ask questions, older employees in the work place, family, friends, the people you meet at networking events and in the gym, any of these people could hoard valuable information that could be useful to you in your journey from aspiring career girl to ultimate female boss.

If you can't find a mentor?
Don't stress, mentor others and eventually you'll find someone with knowledge to share.

Have you got a mentor?

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