What I Use Coconut Oil For

Everyone's been ranting and raving about coconut oil lately and I am no exception, after hearing some great things about coconut oil for hair and skin I decided to give it a go and thanks to the guys at Vita Coco I had one big tub and one little tub of coconut oil to experiment with.

I use coconut oil;

To take make up off, it works really well at removing make up.
How? Grab a little bit out of the tub and rub it all over your face, make sure you really rub it in, then grab a hot flannel and simply wipe off the coconut oil.
Why? Quick and easy without the excessive chemicals.

In the shower, as a shower product.
How? First I exfoliate my skin with my usual shower gel to get rid of dead skin cells and then I apply coconut oil allover my body and shower it off.
Why? Silky soft skin.

As a hair mask, to moisturise my hair.
How? I apply the coconut oil to the ends of my hair and pop it up in a ponytail and leave in overnight before washing it out as usual.
Why? An easy hair conditioning tool that's cheap and you can leave in, silky soft ends.

Frying food
How? I just use it as I would do normally with other oil.
Why? A healthier alternative to other options.

What do you use coconut oil for?

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