The Last Supper @ Bluestone Wales

It was our last evening together at Bluestone on the Thursday as we were departing early on Friday morning so we booked a table at the hustle and bustling Farmhouse Grill. We were lucky we had reserved a table and paid a deposit on arrival to Bluestone on the Monday as it was completely packed. We aimed for a table away from all the kids, unfortunately it wasn't possible but after a couple of drinks we were in a worse state than them so it wasn't a problem.
Our waiter was Luke who was a good sport during the evening.

The menu was small but there was enough choice, all the options looked delicious but I opted for the Ham Hock, the last Ham Hock. It came with what I can only describe as half the pig and not what I was expecting at all but it was really quite tasty.

For pudding it was a no brainer for me, the chocolate Sunday with brownie chunks however Luke seemed eager to remove my pudding menu from me, I can only take this as a sign that he thought I should not be eating dessert. Sorry Luke, this girl likes her desserts.

We had a wonderful evening, the perfect ending to a fantastic week at Bluestone!

A huge thank you to Bluestone for inviting us and the fabulous staff: Dean and Glen the bus drivers, as well as Kirsty, Gabriella, Amy and Luke to name a few. The customer service at Bluestone was the cherry on top of the beautiful lodges, dining options, views and walks.

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Have you ever seen such a big ham hock?

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