How To Move On From Your Dead End Job

You wake up every morning dreading to go, you live for your days off and experience a severe Monday morning feeling, you know it's time to break it off and find a new career path where you love going to work on a Mondays as much as you love coming home from work on a Fridays. Do not fear, I'm here to tell you how you can make this change.

1. Brain Dump
Grab a piece of paper and start thinking about the kind of job you'd really like to do, think of what it would entail, the skills you'd need and the pay rate in which you would like. After you've completed your list take a closer look and figure out what jobs fit the criteria you've set on the page.

2. Select
You've probably got a couple of jobs that link up to your criteria but now you need to focus on one or two of these job titles. We need to select few in order to tailor your CV to the specific role.

3. Plan
Now you need to create a plan of action. You'll need to schedule in some time to find companies that are hiring for the position you'd like, ask around family and friends (avoiding work collegues) look online via LinkedIn, Indeed, company websites. You could even ring up a few companies and ask about vacancies for the job you would like to apply for.

4. Action
So now you've planned and scheduled time it's time to put that plan into action. Make sure you continue to action your plan on a regular basis.

5. Increase Employability
If after a month or two you haven't had an interview or a call back then perhaps it's time to fill some gaps in your CV, do a few courses first aid is always handy as well as business, accounting or management. In order to have a better chance of succeeding you should invest in yourself.

6. Consistency
Stay pro active, keep looking for a new job and don't give up!

If you aren't looking to move onto another job and instead are looking to branch out on your own, keep an eye out for start ups on a budget, coming soon...

If you struggle to tailor your CV then I do offer a CV building service where I can write or tidy up your CV. Please email for more details.

Are you stuck in a dead end job you need to get out of?

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