How To Improve Your Networking

I love networking, to me it's one of my favourite things that I can do to improve myself and forward my career. I can add value to other peoples lives and careers and they can add value to mine. If you struggle to network as so many people do then follow the following four tips to up your networking game.

1. Be yourself.
Be honest, be genuine and just be you, use the knowledge and experience you've gained to come up with great conversation topics and suitable responses to conversations. Fakes can be seen a mile off. It's also good to differ from discussing business throughout the conversation as sometimes these people want to know a little more about you and you know what? It's ok to give a little.

2. Talk to anyone
Talk to everyone and anyone because you never know who they are or who they know. This is a great tip to help you network anywhere, absolutely anywhere. You never know who you might meet.

3. Follow up
So now you've got a handbag of business cards, what do you do? Send a follow up note or email to every single one. Send a genuine email and tell them how great it was to meet them and how they added value to you, or send a hand written note for a more personal touch.

4. Keep networking
Going to network events is great but you can network every single day and you should continue to do it in your day to day. I chat to people in airports, bus stations, in stores and what not and every time I do I get better at it.

Do you love networking as much as I do or is it your number one dread?

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