EU Referendum: In or Out?

The up and coming EU referendum is the hot topic of the moment and everyones up in arms about which way their going to vote. Below I've simplified some information regarding the EU in or out debate and I have attached the official in/out campaigns in order for you to make an informed decision. Every vote counts, be sure to us yours.

The EU (Europian Union) is an economic and political partnership between 28 countries.
Brexit - slag term for Brittain exit.

Why people want to exit the EU
There are many reasons people want to exit the EU, politically and economically it is believed that the EU is holding back the UK from success as it imposes rules and charges on businesses without giving anything back.
Another reason is that people would like to regain control of our borders and reduce the number of people coming here to live and work.

Why do people want to stay in the EU
Again there are many reasons people want to stay in the EU. One reason is the free movement between EU companies brings young immigrants to this country who are eager to work and this boosts us economically.

What will I be voting?
After extensive research and hours chatting to people with different views I'll be voting to stay in the EU.
Here are some of the reasons I will be voting to stay in the EU;
The area in which I live has benefited and continuous to benefit extensively from the EU.
In Wales EU money helps provide 33,000 apprenticeships and 12,000 internships accross Wales.
The Erasmus program has allowed 200,000 students to work abroad to improve their career prospects.
The EU funds a Rural Development program with benefits Wales.
The EU has taken action against air pollution and waste.
International Networks for students.
The Lisbon Treaty - an agreement that specifies gender equality accross all member states.
The 'Equality Pays Off initiative saw the EU target companies in 34 countries with events on how to tap existing and future female talent, aiming to reduce the gender pay gap and urging companies to see this as corporate responsibility.
I also would like to see animal and employment laws stay.

For more information on why people are voting in/out check out Britain Stronger In and Vote Leave.

*This is a very basic post, I'd like to point you to the above links to educate yourselves on the topic of in or out.

Do you feel like you've been informed enough about the decision your about to make?

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