Day Two @ Bluestone: Why Folly Farm isn't just for kids!

I had never been to Folly Farm previously to my recent visit with Charlotte, Holly and Neesha. After doing a bit of research I was a little bit worried that as four 20+ females that maybe there wasn't a great deal to entertain us whilst we were there. However, I was quite wrong...

As adults we have a lot of responsibility, we handle a lot of serious issues, fight challenges every day and rarely get any downtime to ourselves. I don't know about you but sometimes I want to be a kid again, drop the responsibility and just have some unruly fun and that is what I got to do at Folly Farm. Folly Farm is marketed very well towards children and families but we explored what us 5 adult females would find fun and here's what we got up to.

Jolly Barn
Jolly Barn was where we went first, I am an avid animal lover and to get to see these beautiful animals up close was truly amazing. Sometimes I don't think we appreciate farm animals enough, they may be common but their so interesting to look at and observe.

Meet & Greets
On a blackboard just inside the entrance to Jolly Barn there is an itinerary with time slots for meet and greet, as well as some activities like a miniature pig walk and goat milking which I am demonstrating below with Betty the goat.

The funny thing about Folly FARM is that it has a pretty spectacular zoo with a wide range of animals, some being rhinos and giraffes. I was quite surprised at how close we managed to get to these animals, as you can see by the photos.

What I didn't expect was the old style fair that was hidden away in a huge barn. There were traditional fairground rides like the caterpillar, waltzer and carousel, there were also traditional fairground games like hook the ducks, knock the tin and roll the ball. We had hours of fun in the fair playing games and going on numerous rides until we were feeling sick.

The Land Train & Piggery
Last stop was the Land Train & Piggery, a perfect end to the day where we could sit, take in the views and the outdoor animals. Here we saw many breeds of sheep, horses, alpacas and donkeys.

Final stop was the piggery where all the 'little' (GIANT) pigs were taking a nap and that's when we decided it was time to head home for a nap too.

All in all, we all had the most fantastic time at Folly Farm, we got to let loose, be silly and have fun! You don't need to be a kid to have a great time at Folly Farm you just need a break.

Have you explored Folly Farm?

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