Day Three @ Bluestone: Spa Day!

On the third and final day of our Bluestone break we organised a spa day to top off the fantastic experience. The five of us were booked in for one 55 minute aromatherapy treatment at 12:15. However, we all woke up early-ish that morning in order to write up some blog posts and upload some pictures and we all got so caught up in working on our laptops that at 11:50 we were running around in a daze trying to get our sh*t together. Luckily our lodge was just up from the spa, so a brisk walk down meant we got there in time - whilst managing to film a bit on snapchat too.

The spa looked a little small from the outside but was lovely and spacious on the inside, we made our way to reception where the delightful receptionist told us everything we needed to know and directed us to the cwtch aka lounge area.

We filled out a consultation form with our details, what we were hoping to get out of the treatment. I decided I wanted to release muscle tension and relax.  

After handing in our consultation forms we headed into the changing room to get changed, we were supplied with robes, slippers and a towel. Whilst we were changing our therapists came down to get us. I'd locked the locker and had put the key to it in the bin without realising to I was running around like a mad woman trying to find it.

 Eventually I did find it and headed up to the treatment rooms with my therapist Gabriella. Once we entered the treatment room we sat down and discussed my consultation form, chose some oils and which areas of my body I wanted working on! I chose the fitness oil and I also chose to have my back neck, shoulders, scalp and face massaged.

Gabriella started with my back, neck and shoulders and then finally my scalp and face. I've had quite a few massages in my life and a lot of them have been pretty poor quality but Gabriella was great, she checked the pressure and was happy to listen to how I wanted it done. She did every inch of my back thoroughly and I almost dozed off I was having such a good time! When it was time to turn over for my face and scalp I was high on relaxation, I've never had a face massage so that was something new for me and something I really enjoyed.

After my treatment ended Gabriella got me a cup of water and we talked through the products she used and her recommendations which was really helpful, she then took me through to the relaxation room where I met the girls who all seemed to be enjoying the pure bliss of full body relaxation.
As we were all dozing off we decided we better check out the other facilities on offer so we headed over to the thermal rooms, there were so many to choose from salt stream room, herbal steam room, slate sauna, brick sauna, ice room and I believe there was one other which I fail to remember right now, we tried them all out but my favourite had to be the slate sauna, I could feel my body enjoying it.

After an afternoon of bliss we finished up in the hydro pool before heading back to the lodge for some down time and a nap.

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Are you due a spa day?

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