Day One @ Bluestone: Exploring & The Blue Lagoon

I was not very impressed to be woken up by a golf cart horn going off as four very confused family members habituating the lodge opposite us struggled to start their golf cart. It was 10am so I should have been up anyway, I grabbed my phone and began to check out what I had missed during the evening and ended up scrolling accross Charlotte's breakfast, since everyone seemed to be up eating breakfast I decided to head down for some tea and toast. We then made a plan: explore and then swim.

We headed for a walk down to the village, passing the cute little houses, the spa, the restaurant we're dining in Thursday evening and a cute little coffee shop.

From the village we could see the lake and decided to take a little walk around it, however we didn't know that the walk around the lake would turn into a safari. We saw birds, squirrels, baby frogs and ducks! Neesha was especially excited to see so much wildlife.

After exploring the lake we headed back to the coffee shop and ordered some ice cream, it was a tricky decision considering there were so many flavours to choose from, eventually I chose peanut butter and mint chocolate chip.

Since we were all hot and bothered we made a plan to go back to the lodge, eat some lunch and then head off to the blue lagoon for a swim. Charlotte, Holly and I got wet and wild at the blue lagoon on the slides whilst Neesha stayed back at the lodge editing her first bit of film from the trip.

We didn't take any camera's to the Blue Lagoon but we did film a bit on Snapchat, you can add me at - SheMBusiness

Have you ever been to Bluestone?

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