Clinique Cardiff Blogger Event

A little while back I got invited to go to a Clinque Blogger Event, having heard of Clinque's great reputation I was eager to check out their products. We met at the Clinique counter, got checked in and headed upstairs to the conference rooms which had been set up with mirrors, brushes and almost every piece of Clinique make up that's on sale right now.

My favourite product out of every product I tried and tested had to be the chubby sticks, foundation stick, contouring stick and highlighter stick.

At the beginning we talked skincare and the 3 Step Skincare theory created by Clinique. Step 1. Cleanse, Step 2. Exfoliate, Step 3. Moisturise. A regime that Clinque really believes in and that can be tailored to any skin type with their wide range of products.

We then set about playing with the range of products. I'm gutted I didn't get a before or after photo to show you.

We even got to have a look and try out some of the new additions to Clinique's range. Coming out soon...

Do you use Clinique? If so, what's your favourite product?

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