#OOTD: Floral Dress & Converse

At the beginning of the month I headed to Bluestone with the blogging girls Holly, CharlotteLottie & Neesha where we embarked on a four day adventure. Whilst I was there it was a great opportunity to get some outfit shots and so that is what I did. Here is the perfect summer outfit, a beautiful dress and some comfortable shoes. You can check out my other Bluestone posts here.

How To Move On From Your Dead End Job

You wake up every morning dreading to go, you live for your days off and experience a severe Monday morning feeling, you know it's time to break it off and find a new career path where you love going to work on a Mondays as much as you love coming home from work on a Fridays. Do not fear, I'm here to tell you how you can make this change.

Why Do You Need A Mentor?

What is a Mentor? Mentee?
A mentor is an experienced professional, meanwhile a mentee is eager to soak up the knowledge and experience of the mentor.

#OOTD: Pink Blouse, Skinny Jeans + Converse

I am a huge fan of blouses, you can wear them with anything, dress them up, dress them down, tuck them in or leave them out. A week or so ago I was at Bluestone and as I was there with the blogging girls Holly, Neesha, Lottie and Charlotte it only seemed proper to get as many outfits photographed as possible so I'll be bringing to you a range of casual, summery and evening outfits that I wore in Bluestone. You can check all the Bluestone posts out here.

How To Improve Your Networking

I love networking, to me it's one of my favourite things that I can do to improve myself and forward my career. I can add value to other peoples lives and careers and they can add value to mine. If you struggle to network as so many people do then follow the following four tips to up your networking game.

Mercure Hotels: Pre Instagramable Picnic Baskets

Here's for one for all you social media fanatics, Mercure Hotels have partnered with food designers Bompas & Parr to put together these gorgeous edible picnic hampers that don't need a filter. As someone who spends a lot of time trying to choose a filter on Instagram these baskets make it easy.

What I Use Coconut Oil For

Everyone's been ranting and raving about coconut oil lately and I am no exception, after hearing some great things about coconut oil for hair and skin I decided to give it a go and thanks to the guys at Vita Coco I had one big tub and one little tub of coconut oil to experiment with.

EU Referendum: In or Out?

The up and coming EU referendum is the hot topic of the moment and everyones up in arms about which way their going to vote. Below I've simplified some information regarding the EU in or out debate and I have attached the official in/out campaigns in order for you to make an informed decision. Every vote counts, be sure to us yours.

The Last Supper @ Bluestone Wales

It was our last evening together at Bluestone on the Thursday as we were departing early on Friday morning so we booked a table at the hustle and bustling Farmhouse Grill. We were lucky we had reserved a table and paid a deposit on arrival to Bluestone on the Monday as it was completely packed. We aimed for a table away from all the kids, unfortunately it wasn't possible but after a couple of drinks we were in a worse state than them so it wasn't a problem.

Day Three @ Bluestone: Spa Day!

On the third and final day of our Bluestone break we organised a spa day to top off the fantastic experience. The five of us were booked in for one 55 minute aromatherapy treatment at 12:15. However, we all woke up early-ish that morning in order to write up some blog posts and upload some pictures and we all got so caught up in working on our laptops that at 11:50 we were running around in a daze trying to get our sh*t together. Luckily our lodge was just up from the spa, so a brisk walk down meant we got there in time - whilst managing to film a bit on snapchat too.

Day Two @ Bluestone: Why Folly Farm isn't just for kids!

I had never been to Folly Farm previously to my recent visit with Charlotte, Holly and Neesha. After doing a bit of research I was a little bit worried that as four 20+ females that maybe there wasn't a great deal to entertain us whilst we were there. However, I was quite wrong...

Day One @ Bluestone: Exploring & The Blue Lagoon

I was not very impressed to be woken up by a golf cart horn going off as four very confused family members habituating the lodge opposite us struggled to start their golf cart. It was 10am so I should have been up anyway, I grabbed my phone and began to check out what I had missed during the evening and ended up scrolling accross Charlotte's breakfast, since everyone seemed to be up eating breakfast I decided to head down for some tea and toast. We then made a plan: explore and then swim.

Clinique Cardiff Blogger Event

A little while back I got invited to go to a Clinque Blogger Event, having heard of Clinque's great reputation I was eager to check out their products. We met at the Clinique counter, got checked in and headed upstairs to the conference rooms which had been set up with mirrors, brushes and almost every piece of Clinique make up that's on sale right now.