#BEDM - Top Tips For A More Fulfilling Life

1. Eat Better, Move More
You can't improve and live a more fulfilling life if you're body and mind can't handle it. Treat your body like a temple and your mind kindly. A petrol car can't run on diesel and our bodies can't run on junk. A bone idle cat won't run around in the sun and an unhealthy body won't run anywhere. Look after yourself.
2. Volunteer
Nothing makes me feel better than helping someone out, be it an animal, person or project. There are so many great places you can volunteer, volunteer abroad, volunteer in your local charity shop, church, soup kitchen or youth forum.

3. Join A Support Group
We all need a support group, whether that be a good group of friends, a mental health support group, an online support group or a weight watchers support group. Joining a group means your part of something and being part of something means you can get regular support.

4. Give Back To The Community
Give to those less fortunate through local charity schemes or national schemes. Give clothes, toys, food and any other items that are needed. In my area we have a great donation scheme which is run in our indoor market and through this scheme and it's social media pages I can find out what is needed most this week and see if I can help in anyway. If you do not have a scheme like this in place, why not set one up?

5. Give To A Pending Coffee/Meal Program
Homelessness is a HUGE issue in the UK at the moment and more and more ways to help are popping up everywhere, in my town there are two cafe's which do a pending coffee/meal scheme where I can go and donate a certain amount at the counter and when a homeless person goes to the cafe they are given a meal or a coffee with the money collected by the pending coffee scheme.

6. Schedule And Organise
I always feel ten times better when everything is clean, tidy and I feel put together. To do this is use my bullet journal to schedule my time, my to do lists and my appointments in order to be as productive as I can.

7. Take Time Out For You
Avoid burn out. Having experienced several 'burn out' periods over the years I can tell you it's a horrible thing for experience and can throw you off your game for awhile. To kick 'burn out' you need to make sure you're taking sufficient time out for you! Practise some self care and meditation regularly to keep long periods of stress at bay.

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