#BEDM - Tips For A First Time Manager

Being a manager is easy, being a good manager is hard and do you know what's harder? Being a young manager. After my promotion last year I was put in a very conflicting situation I was working with people my own age and older, people I'd started the job with and these people weren't ready to accept me in a position of authority or as their manager. The first couple of months were killer, I worked extra hard at work, I delved into different departments to do every job in the business, the good, the bad and the ugly, I worked alongside the people day and night identifying issues within the business and with the staff and I tried to support the staff in every way I could and over a couple of months people's attitudes started to change and I finally began to earn their respect.

1. Work HARDER
In order to be respected you need to be seen to be working hard, staff need to see that you are working beside them, supporting them, helping them. By seeing me work all over the hotel in various positions I understood what the jobs were, what the challenges were and how to make them easier and by changing things slightly to help them they opened up more, spoke to me about their working issues and were seen to be more productive.

2. Praise Praise Praise
Praising employees is underrated. Praising employees is a great way to make them feel valued and good about their work efforts. By noticing the things your employees are doing well they know you're watching and there's a good chance they'll keep doing those things, this also gives you the opportunity to correct some negative behaviour without taming their enthusiasm and work ethic, use the positive sandwich concept to praise good behaviour and correct the little things that could be done better. And a genuine 'thank you' at the end of the shift or when their stepping in to help out will never go un noticed.

3. Listen
We can talk, we can lecture, we can sanction but we should also listen. I'm a firm believer that a good manager can listen to their employees when they have an issue or an idea. I know a lot of managers that believe the sound of their own voice and their own ideas are the one and only thing that matters but employees are able to show insight into the business that could help cut costs, improve service or quality. Once in awhile it's good to shut up and listen even if you don't take it any further.

4. Let It Go
When you spend a lot of time in work with the same people, everyday conflict is inevitable and when you work in a high stress, fast paced environment it's certain to arise on many occasions however there is conflict that needs to be corrected and then there's trivial conflict that you need to let go, going through the working week holding onto the trivial conflict is only going to give you sleepless nights, large amounts of stress and a bad relationship with staff.

5. When You Shout, You Loose
When you shout you show you've lost control, never ever shout at your staff, whether it's in front of other employees or in your office remain calm. Shouting is an immature way to react to a difficult situation or employee. Calm down and think about the situation from the employee's point of view and then deal with it in a dignified manner.

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