#BEDM - Monday Musings & How To Love Mondays!

It's Monday, why do we dread Mondays?

If there is one thing I learned studying psychology and sociology for A Levels it's that human behaviour is part biological and part learnt. I believe that Monday morning feeling to be learnt behaviour, it's now the 'norm' for us to hate Mondays because our days off end on Sunday and the work week begins again on Monday. Now I don't know about you but in my job I work weekends and this means when I get my two days off (Monday & Tuesday) I don't feel dread, I feel happy and when I return to work on Wednesday I feel refreshed and ready to work, no dreaded Monday morning feeling.

So here's the point...

Stop hating Mondays! You're starting your week off with negative energy and how are you supposed to have a productive and fulfilling week if you're dreading it from the beginning.

How To Love Mondays!

1. Get a good nights sleep
I love sleep. Sleep is good, the average amount of sleep we need as adults is around 7 - 8 hours per night. Sleep is important for our health, to keep us sane, focused and our memory sharp.

2. Prepare everything the night before
My family has a saying 'Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance', if you prep your outfit, bag and lunch the night before then you'll have more time in the morning to get ready and not rush. Rushing ruins a good morning and a good state of mind.

3. Have a tasty breakfast to look forward to
My favourite breakfast at the moment is beans on toast with cheese, and it's something I look forward to in the morning. As the cliche goes 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day' so make sure you have a fulfilling breakfast to start your day.

4. Schedule some 'Me Time'
Schedule in something fun, something chilled or something that you'll look forward to after work. Having something to look forward to will help get you through the day! I like to look forward to running myself a Lush Cosmetics bath with some candles, or an early night with my favourite Netflix TV show.

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