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I hate writing introduction posts, if we were to meet up in person and have a coffee I could talk about myself for hours, but writing about myself seems so boring. However, I do love a challenge and a challenge I’m going to attempt to complete this month is #BEDM a daily blogging challenge set up by Rosalilium. So here it goes...

I like myself.
I am very fond of the woman I have grown into over the last couple of years, developing my identity, my opinions and my ideas independently without bias from other people. I’m proud of my characteristics, I work hard, I do everything I can to help someone I come accross in need, I give money to a pending coffee/meal scheme as often as I can and I do my best to empower and inspire women I know and women I meet day to day because I have a firm believe we should be helping each other up on the ladder to success rather than pulling each other down and standing on each other to try and reach the top, in the words of Mattieologie there’s enough success for us all.

I like my life.
I currently live at home with my parents but will be embarking on my journey of independent living in September when I move out for university and into a studio flat in Swansea. I have a full time job that I love at a popular hotel and restaurant in my area, I was promoted to Junior Assistant Manager last year, since then have thrown myself into work and learned everything I possibly could. I have a fabulous relationship with my other half, we are both very busy and hardworking people so in order to see each other regularly we schedule a day or two off a week to spend some quality time together. Fitting in in school was a struggle as I didn’t see the world the way other kids did so we had less in common, I didn’t have a lot of friends and I never found a solid friend group however what I do have now is a small group of people I can count on, all from different areas of my life, from school, work and college.

I am not perfect.

I feel like everyone knows there’s no such thing as perfect however I’ve found some people still expect you to be. I have flaws, physical and characteristically that will always be there, I’ve done bad things, made mistakes but that doesn’t make me a bad person, we all make wrong decisions sometimes. I am not perfect and I’m ok with that.

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