#BEDM - How To Be Indispensible

We all want to be special, we all want to be the best at what we do but sometimes we don't know how. How do we separate ourselves from other employees? How can we stand out to our managers and supervisors?

1. Work HARDER
Work harder than anyone else, go above and beyond to ensure high productivity and great quality products and/or services. To stand out you need to be doing everything at least a little bit better than everyone else.

2. Punctual
Have excellent time management skills, and if you don't already then learn them! Use alarms, reminders, a bullet journal or a personal organiser to organise your time better so you are never late for work because the time they'll notice you is the time that you're late.

3. Reliable
Be reliable. These days people will ring in sick over a cold or a throat tickle, battle through these minor illnesses and ring in sick only when entirely necessary! Show up to your shifts and to your working day every day, check and double check when you're scheduled in as during my early career I was caught off guard a few times when rota'd in for days which were 'unusual'.

4. Pick Up The Slack
Go above and beyond to complete your own work and then take a look around and see what else can be done or if anyone else needs a hand. These things will be noticed not just by your peers and other employee's but also by your managers and supervisors.

5. Never Be Seen Doing Nothing
You're being paid to work, so work. There is ALWAYS something you could be doing, even if it's just some filing or tidying. If you're struggling ask your manager or supervisor if there's anything they'd like you to do. Be seen to be willing.

6. Don't Say 'No', Instead Try And Compromise A Little
When asked to do extra hours, or extra work that you maybe don't want to do instead try and compromise. Asked to do extra hours? See if you can take a half day during the week. Coming in on your day off? See if you can have an extra day off next week.

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