Ooharr Facemasks Review

We all know I love a good face mask, I'm currently hoarding 6 empty Lush Cosmetics face mask pots, three half used face masks and one brand new one which I am very excited to try. So when Ooharr got in touch about face masks I was extremely eager to give them a go! I tried out Dead Sea Cooler (deep cleansing face mask), Star Glow (skin polisher face mask), Rosie Glow (deep cleansing face mask).

Rosie Glow - Deep Cleansing Face Mask

I'm not sure if you can tell where the mask stops and my hear begins as the mask was orange which wasn't what I would have expected from a 'Rosie Glow' mask, I would have expected pink but it applied beautifully, it was smooth and smelt delicious at first I thought it smelt like Turkish Delight but then I realised it smelt like roses. I kept it on for 20 minutes as instructed and then washed it off. I'm having a lot of skin trouble at the moment so I wasn't sure what to expect, my skin was very soft and my spots were noticeably less red as were my usual blemishes! All in all I really liked this mask and saw an immediate difference.

Since trying the Rosie Glow mask I gave the Dead See Cooler a go and although this smelt and felt different the results were just as good! Noticeably less blemished skin, left very soft. The star glow was definitely my favourite as it really perked up my skin, it was extremely refreshing and I felt like I had a brand layer of skin on my face, it definitely made the most difference to my skin!

What's your favourite face mask? 

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