#BEDM - Top Tips For A More Fulfilling Life

1. Eat Better, Move More
You can't improve and live a more fulfilling life if you're body and mind can't handle it. Treat your body like a temple and your mind kindly. A petrol car can't run on diesel and our bodies can't run on junk. A bone idle cat won't run around in the sun and an unhealthy body won't run anywhere. Look after yourself.

#BEDM - How To Be Indispensible

We all want to be special, we all want to be the best at what we do but sometimes we don't know how. How do we separate ourselves from other employees? How can we stand out to our managers and supervisors?

1. Work HARDER
Work harder than anyone else, go above and beyond to ensure high productivity and great quality products and/or services. To stand out you need to be doing everything at least a little bit better than everyone else.

#BEDM - What To Carry In Your Bag (Ultimate List)

1. Perfume/Deodorant & Breathe Freshner
For those times when you've been the victim of second hand smoke or chose garlic bread.

2. Lip Balm
There's nothing worse than being stranded in work or at a meeting with dried up shrivelling lips, trying to talk through this discomfort.

3. Tampons/Pads Sanitary Products
Even though I don't really have periods anymore I always keep these to hand because over the years I've been asked by other women in need.

4. Wipes/Tissues
Wipes are handy when you've had a make up smudging moment or if you need to freshen yourself up a little. Tissues are multi purpose and good for the last minute cold, wiping your coffee off your desk or to offer a runny nosed child or colleague.

5. Mascara/Concealer
For those long ass shifts or to cover up a hangover face! The odd little bit of make up to cover those dull spots and open your eyes a little could improve your appearance dramatically.

6. Purse/Cash
Never leave the house without your purse because you never know when you may need your driving license. Always carry cash on you as I can't tell you the amount of times I've wandered into a store, picked up some stuff, gone to the checkout only to be told their card machine is broke.

7. Notebook & Pen
Jot down important notes and information, writing a blog I'm always looking for inspiration and a lot of it arises whilst I'm out of the house doing something else, to keep me from forgetting my ideas I try and write them down then and there so I'll remember and then I can go back to them later.

8. Painkillers/Soothers
Pain can strike anywhere for anyone, I got a toothache at the cinema recently and was saved by the paracetamol in my bag. A sore throat can also come out of nowhere and have you lost for words during meetings or social calls, the best way to combat a sore throat is to attack it as soon as it comes on.

9. Hand Cream & Nail File
I always feel good when my nails are in good condition and my hands are silky soft. Dry hands and rough nails can be easily kept under control with a quick dab of cream and a file.

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#BEDM - Tips For A First Time Manager

Being a manager is easy, being a good manager is hard and do you know what's harder? Being a young manager. After my promotion last year I was put in a very conflicting situation I was working with people my own age and older, people I'd started the job with and these people weren't ready to accept me in a position of authority or as their manager. The first couple of months were killer, I worked extra hard at work, I delved into different departments to do every job in the business, the good, the bad and the ugly, I worked alongside the people day and night identifying issues within the business and with the staff and I tried to support the staff in every way I could and over a couple of months people's attitudes started to change and I finally began to earn their respect.

#BEDM - Monday Musings & How To Love Mondays!

It's Monday, why do we dread Mondays?

If there is one thing I learned studying psychology and sociology for A Levels it's that human behaviour is part biological and part learnt. I believe that Monday morning feeling to be learnt behaviour, it's now the 'norm' for us to hate Mondays because our days off end on Sunday and the work week begins again on Monday. Now I don't know about you but in my job I work weekends and this means when I get my two days off (Monday & Tuesday) I don't feel dread, I feel happy and when I return to work on Wednesday I feel refreshed and ready to work, no dreaded Monday morning feeling.

So here's the point...

Breakfast @ Bill's

Last week I headed out for a day of blogger events in Cardiff. First off we hit Topshop to check out the #IvyPark range before the shop opened to customers and then we headed off to the opening of Michael Kors.

Inbetween the two events we headed to Bill's for some food to keep us going and we decided on some breakfast food, definitely a good decision on our part as it was delicious.

(Above) Scrambled Egg on Toast

(Above) Full Breakfast

We were a little early for our event so Charlotte, Neesha and I headed to Costa for a coffee and a social media catch up.

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#BEDM - Introduce Yourself

I hate writing introduction posts, if we were to meet up in person and have a coffee I could talk about myself for hours, but writing about myself seems so boring. However, I do love a challenge and a challenge I’m going to attempt to complete this month is #BEDM a daily blogging challenge set up by Rosalilium. So here it goes...

Ooharr Facemasks Review

We all know I love a good face mask, I'm currently hoarding 6 empty Lush Cosmetics face mask pots, three half used face masks and one brand new one which I am very excited to try. So when Ooharr got in touch about face masks I was extremely eager to give them a go! I tried out Dead Sea Cooler (deep cleansing face mask), Star Glow (skin polisher face mask), Rosie Glow (deep cleansing face mask).

Rosie Glow - Deep Cleansing Face Mask

I'm not sure if you can tell where the mask stops and my hear begins as the mask was orange which wasn't what I would have expected from a 'Rosie Glow' mask, I would have expected pink but it applied beautifully, it was smooth and smelt delicious at first I thought it smelt like Turkish Delight but then I realised it smelt like roses. I kept it on for 20 minutes as instructed and then washed it off. I'm having a lot of skin trouble at the moment so I wasn't sure what to expect, my skin was very soft and my spots were noticeably less red as were my usual blemishes! All in all I really liked this mask and saw an immediate difference.

Since trying the Rosie Glow mask I gave the Dead See Cooler a go and although this smelt and felt different the results were just as good! Noticeably less blemished skin, left very soft. The star glow was definitely my favourite as it really perked up my skin, it was extremely refreshing and I felt like I had a brand layer of skin on my face, it definitely made the most difference to my skin!

What's your favourite face mask? 

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