#IVYPARK @ Topshop Cardiff

On the day #IvyPark launched I was up at 5am getting ready to head down to Cardiff for a sneak preview of Beyonce's athleisure.

Michael Kors Launch in Cardiff

Michael Kors recently opened in Cardiff and I was lucky enough to be in Cardiff the day it opened so I popped in to have a look and chat to the brand manager.

(Above) This is a sneak peak of the new Michael Kors range which will be out this week! It was first shown in the new Cardiff store. Such a beautiful summer range.

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How To Make LinkedIn Work For You

LinkedIn is a great networking tool that can be used to discover new connections in your preferred industry, search for jobs, research businesses and people. Used correctly LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to build your professional brand, turn professional relationships into opportunities and manage what professionals discover about you from the internet. Here are five things that you can do today to improve your LinkedIn and make it work for you.

What is Bullet Journaling (And A Peak At Mine)

If you haven't yet come accross a bullet journal on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Bullet Journals are everywhere at the moment, a personalised organisational system where you can store lists, collections and memories the bullet journal aims to help create a perfectly organised life for the user.

Your bullet journal can consist of anything from a grocery list to a habit tracker. Here's a peak of some of my favourite pages from my very own Bullet Journal.

(above) This is my Key, when I fill in my calendar I use this key as a shorthand shortcut so at a glance I know what I've got going on. I recently added a work key.

(above) I found this on Sarah's Chapter and thought it was a great idea, she uses it for annual review but I plan to do a monthly review on what areas I thought I did well in in this month and what areas I need to work on for next month.

(above) My daily rabbit tracker, we're a couple of days into April now and I've began to use it (this picture was taken before April began) and I am loving it, it's so motivational! I can track anything from how many times I wash my hair in a month to how much sleep I have.

(above) And of course this wouldn't be a proper planner without a first draft of my five year plan!

(above) And finally this is something I came up with (I'm yet to see it done anywhere else?) I used the concept used for Saving Goals and turned it into my Weight Loss Goals tracker! Another really motivating page!

You can find inspiration for your own bullet journal all over social media at the moment but Boho Berry is what made me decide to start my own bullet journal.

Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Bullet Journaling.
If you need more help when it comes to Bullet Journaling check out the Bullet Journal Library and The Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook Page.

Buy your own perfectly sized Bullet Journal with squares here.

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