What I Thought About #PERIODPOLICY

Recently a company in Bristol called Coexist has introduced the concept of #periodpolicy where women who are menstruating (painfully I assume) don't have to attend work during this time. As someone who used to experience severe menstrual pain (migraines, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, severe cramps and extreme fatigue) I am familiar with the regular hell which is menstruating and lived with it alongside work and education for 3 years. In those three years I was sent home from education after being found laying on the bathroom floor unable to move just vomiting again and again. This impacted my education as I had to take a few days off school each month, working alongside education I experienced similar events however as my job required a lot of moving I phoned in with sickness as the thought of throwing up or collapsing in work is too much. I guess what I'm trying to convey right now is that I do understand painful menstruation and the effect it has on work, from my personal point of view I believe #PeriodPolicy to be a very positive thing, however from a career point of view here are some reasons why I believe it's great in theory but not in practise.

It won't work in all industries. In the hospitality industry for example we are borderline short staffed regularly and unable to work from home the only real option is for staff to come to work. As we work in close capacity with one another and if you sinked up we would have no staff to serve customers.
Taking time off in work may be seen as 'weakness' which could cause an extra thick glass ceiling to break, after all the part of the concept of the glass ceiling is that women will take time out for babies and take months of maternity, this staggers our careers and makes it difficult to rise to the top quickly like our male counterparts. It's not fair but for the moment that's what happens, we must completely demolish the glass ceiling and gain equal pay before we have pure equality in the working world, that means all over the world. 

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