Time And Beef Launch Event

One of my favourite things about blogging is getting invited to events, especially PR events where I know there will be kick ass opportunities for Networking! So when I got an invite to Time & Beef a new burger and cocktail joint with a difference I decided it was time to explore Canton. I took Adam with me as a +1 to be my cocktail expert as I drove and I also know nothing about cocktails.

Time and Beef is something a bit different. They do not freeze or pre cook any of their meals and they use only the best local ingredients. With a survey style order taking system where you can create and name your burger this is something I've never experienced before.

When we arrived we were greeted by Sophie the PR person for Time & Beef, we had a little chat about the event, the itinerary and then I took a seat. Time and Beef was created and is managed by Sarah and Steve and was established three years ago as 'Time' an alternative coffee shop now turned Time and Beef a funky burger joint with an industrial interior and a community feel.

The Chefs are two fantastic guys called Chris and Lemar, michelin trained with years of experience. During the evening I got a chance to discuss how the menu was decided and put together by the two chefs, given full control of creating a delicious menu the guys sought out the best freshest local produce, trying over 15 meats and cuts in 4 days the guys made sure they only picked great quality.

During the night we got to try out some fantastic items off the menu beginning with the Fried Mac & Cheese one of Sarah's favourites!
This was a bit of a strange one for me, something I had never heard of or tried before. They came in two blocks which I shared with Adam, and it's safe to say I wouldn't have been able to eat two whole ones to myself as I found it quite heavy.

 We then got to try the chicken breast strips which were really tender and tasty!

And finally the Calamari starter. Something I recently tried and hated in Bill's was actually delicious, not too much batter!

After stuffing ourselves with delicious starters we were super excited to try some burgers! We got to try traditional beef burgers and also lamb burgers (we are in Wales after all said Chris!). Everyone on our table seemed to enjoy!

For those of you with Vegan and Vegetarian dietary requirements have no fear Time and Beef can cater for you too! HOWEVER, I couldn't see any Gluten Free options on there!

After all that food Adam decided to order a cocktail; The Tall Dark & Handsome, being my cocktail expert I was excited to see what he thought, unfortunately he was not impressed by this, too many aromatic bitters and not enough alcohol.

Later into the evening Adam ordered another cocktail, a Whiskey Sours, unfortunately the first cocktail that arrived wasn't a Whiskey Sours and the Whiskey Sours that did arrive eventually tasted of lime and not much else which was again a little disappointing.

If you're a dessert lover like me then you're probably wondering about the desserts and why there are only 3, I am here to explain all. Basically due to the small size of the kitchen it makes it almost impossible for the guys to make and create, the three desserts on the menu aren't made in house however they are fresh and are created by an exterior baker however the plan is to develop the dessert menu further and to come to a point where the chefs can create their own desserts at home as Steve has a professional kitchen. Until then I am happy to try out their current desserts and report back soon.

Conclusion: I'm so pleased I got to go to this event as it was great to talk to Sarah and Steve about this new Burger & Cocktail concept. I'm thrilled to announce that the food was great and I would highly recommend hopping in there for a Burger, however what really let the side down was the cocktails!
Hopefully next time we visit I'll be writing a fantastic review of the cocktails.

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