The Benefits of a Morning Routine

I've never had a routine until now, I've always worked shift work which is pretty unreliable and can be completely different each week and therefore I never bothered. However, as I took on extra hours in work I started really struggling for time to complete tasks and deadlines, I thought of the people around me (especially my mum, she's a routine boss *and a nurse*) and looked at what helped them to do ALL the things that needed to be done and one thing EVERYONE had in common was that they have developed a routine *cry*. So I had a week of day/morning shifts so I gave it a go, getting up and the same time every single day, eating breakfast and going to work, and this is what I found....

1. It's easier to get up!
After day 3 it wasn't even hard to get up anymore, it was really easy, there was no rushing around and I was actually on time a lot more.

2. Improved health
Making having breakfast part of my routine meant I spent less time snacking on bad foods throughout the day plus I felt much better in myself.

3. Improved my punctuation
Getting up the same time everyday no matter if I was working at 9 or at 12 meant I was on time and prepared for work, I also felt like I ended up doing a lot more and enjoying work a lot more because I didn't rush to get there.

4. More time! 
Again getting up at the same time no matter what I was working gave me so much more time to do things, like go food shopping, pick up parcels and do #girlboss things.

5. Keep it going
The one day I stopped my routine I went back to the beginning of putting a routine together again and that was HARD! Keep the same routine as well as you can, it makes life so much easier.

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