St Davids Day: 6 Things You Should Know

Happy St Davids Day, readers!

I have something a little patriotic for you today. As most of you will know I was born and I still live in Wales and today March 1st is St Davids Day! Saint David (Dewi Sant in Welsh) is our patron for Wales.

1. St David died in 589.

2. A number of Welsh breweries sell special St Davids Day ales on March 1st.

3. A traditional soup called Cawl is traditionally consumed on St Davids Day, this special soup contains lamb and vegetables.

4. Some school children kit themselves out in the traditional St Davids Day attire, others pin a leek or a daffodil to their clothes.

5. St David was a teacher and well known for his public speaking.

6. The most popular story of St David is when he was giving a speech to thousands of people, worried people at the back were unable to hear the ground beneath him arose so everyone could see and hear him.

I love St Davids Day, the welsh people unite, drink beer, eat welsh cakes and remember our Saint.

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