One Step Closer To My Dream

First of all I can't believe I've waited this long to break this fantastic news to you guys. If you've been reading this blog for a little while you'll know I started a degree in Business Management and HR last September but by January I had suspended my studies, I've written a whole post about why and at the end of that post I told you about an interview I was going to for a degree in International Hotel Management in February, I can now officially say I will be attending University of Wales Trinity of St Davids in Swansea in September to begin the course!

The interview was surprisingly thrilling, I do love a good interview though! What really excited me was when I got there I found out they'll only be taking 15 applicants in total and that they'd already filled a lot of the course, in true Ffion fashion I took this as a challenge and put my heart and soul into the interview.
The structure of the interview was as follows;

  • Meet the other applicants and have a coffee
  • Listen to a short overview of the course and expectations
  • 10 minutes to prepare a presentation
  • 10 minutes to present the presentation
  • The interview

As I hadn't applied through UCAS, and only got the interview through my persuasive email technique all the interviewers had was a brief summary of my experience so I made sure I handed out an up to date CV to them to look over whilst I prepped myself for my 10 minute presentation. I sussed out the other applicants and was comforted by finding out I had more experience than  the majority of them. I put my presentation together quickly as I had prepared a little the night before and then we were told to wait outside whilst everyone did their presentations, this gave me the opportunity to chat to one of the current students on the course which was great because she was able to answer lots of my questions.
Finally, I was last to present my presentation, I was extremely enthusiastic, threw in a few jokes, a lot of lingo and after I finished I received a lot of positive comments. I was told I did not need to complete the question and answer part of the interview as I had answered all of their questions in my presentation. I was extremely chuffed and they offered me a place on the course there and then.

I went home, applied through UCAS to make it completely official and then shortly after I got my unconditional offer which I briskly accepted!

Next on my list of things I need to do is notify Student Finance, find accommodation and move in! I'm so excited to start this course after finally working out what I want to do.

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