How To Survive A Dreaded 12 Hour Shift

12 hour shifts can be an absolute nightmare, especially when you do more than four a week you start to feel like you live in your work clothes, you're worn out Clarks shoes and you feel very de motivated to complete your tasks to a high standard. I know this is how I feel and I guess you feel this to. In my job I spend a lot of time on my feet moving about, I have long gaps in between breaks and if kinda sucks. So here's a post all about surviving that terrible 12 hour shift again and again, this week and every week to come! 

1. Get enough sleep
This sounds like an obvious one. Get enough sleep, feel fresh in the morning and have a productive day, right? Not always. Sometimes you won't have enough time for the average amount of sleep in between shifts or personal commitments so make sure if you don't get the quantity you get the quality. No technology, no caffeine close to bedtime and sleep in complete darkness. 

2. Eat a decent pre work meal
Whether this is breakfast, lunch or dinner eat a nutritious meal full of protein and good carbs so you're energy is slow releasing and you feel full. I'm trying to eat Crunchy Nut cereal or scrambled egg on toast to start out my day right.

3. Preparation 
Prepare your uniform before you sleep, have everything you need to wear to work and take to work ready and waiting for you, reduce the stress of looking for matching socks last minute or trying to find a decent bra. A long shift is stressful enough without being late!

4. Music!
Have an upbeat CD or spotify playlist for the commute. I put on a bit of Timeflies or Sia and 

5. Positive affirmations
Telling yourself things repeatedly during they day has been proven to help you chance a negative mindset to a positive mindset. I like to change up my positive affirmations by reading motivational quotes in the morning and then telling myself I CAN DO ANYTHIHG throughout the day.

6. Look after your feet! 
Being on my feet for 99.9% of my job means when it comes to sore feet I've been there and got the Tshirt. It's important to look after your feet as they are the two things that carry you around everywhere, everyday. Foot masks are a saviour when it comes to foot care, I use the Lush foot mask Volcano. Shoes, also a vital part of looking after your feet, you need to be comfortable in your shoes, I stay away from open toed shoes and dolly shoes and I head into Clarks for a pair of good old nurse shoes, make sure you cut your toe nails too! There's no point having good shoes if your toe nails are being pressed back into your feet.

7. If you must snack, snack right
Snacking is my worst enemy, especially on a 12 hour shift because I can work up an appetite very quickly. Snack on healthy foods, fruit, raw veg or a yogurt. If you put the wrong fuel into your body how can you expect it to continue running. 

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