How To Improve The Way You Do Your Current Job

Sometimes we take a job which is supposed to be temporary, next thing we know we've been there over three years, in the same position doing the same job however even if you are looking for a new job here are some tips on how to improve how you're doing in your current job this can benefit you in so many ways, open pathways for promotion, give you more things to put on your CV and also helps you network with more people within the business and who use the businesses services.

1. Take on extra responsibility
I worked in my job for 3 years before I even thought about taking on responsibility, but I began doing it as soon as I was familiar with my job, unconsciously I would get on and do the jobs that people forgot to do, I would see things that needed doing and knowing it wasn't in anyone's job description I would just get on and do it. I learnt a lot this way and this helped me become an invaluable member of the team.

2. Ask to get experience in another area
Where I work there are a number of us working together, doing different jobs alongside each other everyday to make the business work, when working in the hotel I asked to experience housekeeping so I did for a week and then I moved on and tried reception, this widened my experience, strengthened my skills and gave me a better understanding of how the business worked.

3. Feedback
I love feedback, in anything from my career to my blog posts. Positive feedback is good but constructive criticism is better, from constructive criticism you can grow, improve and up your standard of work. Don't be afraid, sit your boss down and ask for some feedback.

4. Re evaluate your own work
Have your standards dropped since having the job? Is your uniform still clean, crisp and ironed? Do you do the business proud? Is there something you could do to improve your output/productivity? Is there a better way you could do your job? Evaluate = Change.

5. Research
Research recent news in your industry, new concepts, and ideas. Knowledge is power and you never know what you might find! Perhaps something to change the way you do your job.

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