What I Thought About #PERIODPOLICY

Recently a company in Bristol called Coexist has introduced the concept of #periodpolicy where women who are menstruating (painfully I assume) don't have to attend work during this time. As someone who used to experience severe menstrual pain (migraines, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, severe cramps and extreme fatigue) I am familiar with the regular hell which is menstruating and lived with it alongside work and education for 3 years. In those three years I was sent home from education after being found laying on the bathroom floor unable to move just vomiting again and again. This impacted my education as I had to take a few days off school each month, working alongside education I experienced similar events however as my job required a lot of moving I phoned in with sickness as the thought of throwing up or collapsing in work is too much. I guess what I'm trying to convey right now is that I do understand painful menstruation and the effect it has on work, from my personal point of view I believe #PeriodPolicy to be a very positive thing, however from a career point of view here are some reasons why I believe it's great in theory but not in practise.

I'm Moving Out!

A little while back I announced I'd suspended my studies and then a little while later I told you I had been accepted on my dream course and now I'm a step further and have found a beautiful flat to move into in September.
I don't want to say too much until I can do a whole post on transforming it into my own little space but what I can tell you is;

  • It's a modern studio flat
  • It has a cooker, microwave, fridge and it's en suite (no sharing bathrooms, yay!)
  • It has strict security with cameras and everything!
  • Laundry can be done on the top floor
  • It's in the centre of Swansea
  • It's costing £540 per month
  • I sign the lease in April
  • This will be my first time living alone
I am literally so excited to move out and start a little life outside of my little village. I know it's going to be completely different from anything I've ever done before and mums a little worried I'm going to struggle but it's an ADVENTURE and a CHALLENGE, two of my favourite things! 

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One Step Closer To My Dream

First of all I can't believe I've waited this long to break this fantastic news to you guys. If you've been reading this blog for a little while you'll know I started a degree in Business Management and HR last September but by January I had suspended my studies, I've written a whole post about why and at the end of that post I told you about an interview I was going to for a degree in International Hotel Management in February, I can now officially say I will be attending University of Wales Trinity of St Davids in Swansea in September to begin the course!

The interview was surprisingly thrilling, I do love a good interview though! What really excited me was when I got there I found out they'll only be taking 15 applicants in total and that they'd already filled a lot of the course, in true Ffion fashion I took this as a challenge and put my heart and soul into the interview.
The structure of the interview was as follows;

  • Meet the other applicants and have a coffee
  • Listen to a short overview of the course and expectations
  • 10 minutes to prepare a presentation
  • 10 minutes to present the presentation
  • The interview

As I hadn't applied through UCAS, and only got the interview through my persuasive email technique all the interviewers had was a brief summary of my experience so I made sure I handed out an up to date CV to them to look over whilst I prepped myself for my 10 minute presentation. I sussed out the other applicants and was comforted by finding out I had more experience than  the majority of them. I put my presentation together quickly as I had prepared a little the night before and then we were told to wait outside whilst everyone did their presentations, this gave me the opportunity to chat to one of the current students on the course which was great because she was able to answer lots of my questions.
Finally, I was last to present my presentation, I was extremely enthusiastic, threw in a few jokes, a lot of lingo and after I finished I received a lot of positive comments. I was told I did not need to complete the question and answer part of the interview as I had answered all of their questions in my presentation. I was extremely chuffed and they offered me a place on the course there and then.

I went home, applied through UCAS to make it completely official and then shortly after I got my unconditional offer which I briskly accepted!

Next on my list of things I need to do is notify Student Finance, find accommodation and move in! I'm so excited to start this course after finally working out what I want to do.

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#HowToBeAGirlBoss Email Series

The purpose of this post is to draw your attention to my brand new email series called How To Become A Girl Boss which is currently being illustrated by the amazing Jemma from a Dorkface Blog. If you've read #GirlBoss by Sophia Amuruso then you'll know it doesn't tell you everything you need to know about becoming an ultimate #GirlBoss, I want to fill in the gaps and help you gain valuable knowledge to make reaching your dreams a little easier. 

So what will this email course include?
  • How to Dress like a GirlBoss with Your Own Unique Spin on it.
  • Phrases to Avoid, and Lingo to Learn
  • How to Carry Yourself with Confidence
  • Pushing Yourself to Say Yes & Self Improvement
  • How and When to Take Time Out For You
These emails will include worksheets and checklists to help you make the changes that would benefit you and further you in your life and career.

If you have any further questions or you would like to discuss the services I offer, please contact my via email Shembusiness@gmail.com

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How To Improve The Way You Do Your Current Job

Sometimes we take a job which is supposed to be temporary, next thing we know we've been there over three years, in the same position doing the same job however even if you are looking for a new job here are some tips on how to improve how you're doing in your current job this can benefit you in so many ways, open pathways for promotion, give you more things to put on your CV and also helps you network with more people within the business and who use the businesses services.

The Benefits of a Morning Routine

I've never had a routine until now, I've always worked shift work which is pretty unreliable and can be completely different each week and therefore I never bothered. However, as I took on extra hours in work I started really struggling for time to complete tasks and deadlines, I thought of the people around me (especially my mum, she's a routine boss *and a nurse*) and looked at what helped them to do ALL the things that needed to be done and one thing EVERYONE had in common was that they have developed a routine *cry*. So I had a week of day/morning shifts so I gave it a go, getting up and the same time every single day, eating breakfast and going to work, and this is what I found....

How To Survive A Dreaded 12 Hour Shift

12 hour shifts can be an absolute nightmare, especially when you do more than four a week you start to feel like you live in your work clothes, you're worn out Clarks shoes and you feel very de motivated to complete your tasks to a high standard. I know this is how I feel and I guess you feel this to. In my job I spend a lot of time on my feet moving about, I have long gaps in between breaks and if kinda sucks. So here's a post all about surviving that terrible 12 hour shift again and again, this week and every week to come! 

1. Get enough sleep
This sounds like an obvious one. Get enough sleep, feel fresh in the morning and have a productive day, right? Not always. Sometimes you won't have enough time for the average amount of sleep in between shifts or personal commitments so make sure if you don't get the quantity you get the quality. No technology, no caffeine close to bedtime and sleep in complete darkness. 

#BlognixRetreat | What I Got Up To!

Last weekend Neesha from Reinventing Neesha and I left the comfort of Wales and headed to Hellidon Lakes Hotel & Spa in Daventry for #BlognixRetreat a weekend of lectures, workshops and networking created by Blognix

We paid extra to stay on the Friday night as getting up at 5am didn't appeal to either of us so we arrived late in the afternoon around 6pm very tired indeed. We headed down to the bar for some food, the hotel was so big it was like a maze and we found we got lost quite a few times on the first night! We both ordered a QBurger with fries, when it came we were so hungry we wolfed it down as quick as possible but we did stop halfway through to communicate how delicious it was (one of the best burgers I've ever had). We then headed back to the room where I ordered dessert via room service, I chose a tiramisu which was bloody delicious, what wasn't delicious was the £3.50 tray charge I almost choked on after reading the receipt but never mind, the dessert was totally worth is regardless.We then decided to try the television which we couldn't get to work, so we called a member of staff who came up and embarrassed us completely by simply plugging the aerial back in *squirm*. We then settled down and had an early night.

Let the games begin! Everything kicked off bright and early, we headed down to breakfast at nine and were gobsmacked with all the wonderful options, there were so many continental and cooked options we tucked in! We then headed to registration, I was a little nervous as I'd seen some tweets saying most of the bloggers who were attending were over 30 which made me feel like the baby of the group! Registration was quick and painless so we signed up for our workshops we had a choice of two for every time slot;

How to Build Successful Business Relationships with PRs and Brands (with @TheTravelHack
Video Blogging and Youtube: How to Get Started (with @JimsyJamPots)

Time Management for people who want to do ALL THE THINGS! (with @HollyJuneSmith)
Do Bloggers Need Contracts/Agreements and T's & C's (with @Laywer_inmaking)

How to get 100,000 visitors from Pinterest (with @Rosalilium)
Control Your Business, Don't Let It Control You / Creative Accounting (with @Average_chap)

We then grabbed a coffee and entered a big beautiful hall where we began to learn! Elizabeth from Rosalilium kicked things off with a welcome speech before we heard from ShopStyle all about how to monetise your content which was a really interesting talk as I've never used affiliates before. We then had a great talk from XiMena who did a talk on How To Earn £3,000 in Two Weeks. We had a break and then split into our workshop groups, I chose....

How to Build Successful Business Relationships with PRs and Brands (with @TheTravelHack)

Time Management for people who want to do ALL THE THINGS! (with @HollyJuneSmith)

How to get 100,000 visitors from Pinterest (with @Rosalilium)

The workshops ended, we had a breather it was a couple of hours before drinks so I went back to the room and started working on improving my blog on some of the things I learned! Urika came and joined up around six and we were introduced to Jodie! We got to know each other a bit better and by then it was time for dinner, I don't think any of us knew what to expect but it was fantastic. We had little place cards to tell us where to sit and to remind us what we pre-ordered (good idea as we had all forgotten). I had the parsnip and apple soup (yum), the lamb and dumplings (yum) and finally the sticky toffee pudding (YUM!) it was safe to say the food was fantastic and as far as I'm aware everyone enjoyed.
Having the place cards meant a lot of us were separated from our friends which I thought was a good idea because this encouraged me to talk to so many amazing people such as Gavin, Cassy, Raj as well as the rest of the table, we were a very fun table I thought! After the meal we had tea and coffee before moving into the bar for a drink for more networking before a very vintage game of bowling took place downstairs! It was a late night all round.

I was so determined to get up for yoga and then guess what? I didn't! I was so dead I stayed in bed and looking back I'm so disappointed! Regardless we got up, packed, checked out and went down to breakfast before heading back to the conference room to have our last three workshops, which were...

Innovative Thinking (with @Jlowthrop)

Self care for Success (with @LauraAgarWilson

Mastermind (Group Activity)

It was time for Neesha and I to head home after the last workshop as we had a long drive ahead however there was also the opportunity for one on one's with ShopStyle and Raj! The drive home was uneventful and when I finally got back I went straight to bed, got my laptop out and started working. So grateful for everyone who organised, spoke, attended and helped me at #BlognixRetreat it was a fabulous weekend. 

If you want to find out more about the #BlognixRetreat by searching the hashtag there are so many good posts out already. You can read all about Neesha's experience too.

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Time And Beef Launch Event

One of my favourite things about blogging is getting invited to events, especially PR events where I know there will be kick ass opportunities for Networking! So when I got an invite to Time & Beef a new burger and cocktail joint with a difference I decided it was time to explore Canton. I took Adam with me as a +1 to be my cocktail expert as I drove and I also know nothing about cocktails.

St Davids Day: 6 Things You Should Know

Happy St Davids Day, readers!

I have something a little patriotic for you today. As most of you will know I was born and I still live in Wales and today March 1st is St Davids Day! Saint David (Dewi Sant in Welsh) is our patron for Wales.