What I Did For Valentine's Day

I apologise that (1) this post is extremely late and (2) the overload of lovey dovey images.

I spent Valentine's '16 in a wonderful hotel with my wonderful other half.

Friday 12th

I had slept over Adams on the Thursday night and was very much looking forward to our gift giving, we put a budget of £20 each on our Valentine's presents due to the fact we spent a lot of money on each other for christmas. I made Adam a little scrapbook filled with a timeline of our relationship, I drew little pictures in it, used dates and did a great job of decorating it. Adam got me a beautiful lush gift set which is exactly what I wanted! We then packed up the car and made our way up to Cardigan.

We arrived at The Gwbert Hotel quite late in the afternoon, I was exhausted and hungry so we checked in, dumped our stuff in our room and took a nap. When we woke up we headed down to the restaurant where we had a brilliant meal.

Saturday 13th

We woke up early for a brilliant cooked breakfast which was absolutely delicious and then headed for a walk. The tide was completely in covering the beach but we took the opportunity to get some tumblr worthy (I'd say) snaps.

If you've seen the infamous couple on the web who do this pose then you'll get the photo above, if not the story is a guy travelled the world and took a photo of his girlfriend doing the same pose everywhere and the photos went viral, so here's our attempt.

Sunday 14th

Valentine's Day! We were both getting used to the lazy life by now so we headed for breakfast, for a nap and then headed down to The Cliff Hotel for use of their spa facilities. We had a lovely relaxed day, we enjoyed each others company and then ditched our phones when we went to dinner so we had each others full attention.

Monday 15th

We checked out of our hotel and headed into Cardigan town where we visited their fabulous sweet shop and I bought a load of presents and chocolate for family and then we started the drive home where we cwtched up and watched Hitch.

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