Valentine's Day: 5 DIY Gifts

Christmas has just gone by, we spoiled our partners with all the things they'd lusted over during the year, so now that Valentine's Day is approaching what the hell are we supposed to do now? It's ok ladies and gentlemen I have scoured Pinterest for the best and easiest DIY gifts you can give your partner for Valentine's Day!

1. Explosive Box
This looks a lot more complicated and tricky than it actually is, it's a box where you take the lid off and it falls open revealing 4 - 12 little tabs that you can fill with photos, quotes and important dates. A box full of happy memories.

2. Heart Mug
Pour your heart and soul (10 minutes) of your time to creative a confetti heart mug, one of a kind, created by you for the special tea/coffee lover in your life.

3. Hamper
No tutorial required, put together a cute snuggle hamper for those date nights at home, a soft blanket, your favourite snacks, drinks and some DVDs or your best friends Netflix password.

4. 52 Reasons I Love You Book
Cute little idea that's super easy to do! Grab a deck of cards, a sharpie and get penning the things you love about your partner. Such a lovely idea.

5. Pre Planned Date Envelopes
Great idea for those partners who struggle to come up with date night ideas or those partners that can't take the hint that every time you walk past Winter Wonderland and point it out what you really want them to do is to TAKE YOU.

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