TGI Friday's Swansea Review

Ever wondered what happens when a group of bloggers meet up for lunch? Well, it starts with some outfit photos, some product and brand discussions, lunch, shopping and then an emotional goodbye until the next time. Our restaurant of choice on this occasion was TGI Friday's, Lottie and I had never been to a TGI's before so we were excited to see what Charlotte, Holly and Neesha were fussing about.

Ever wondered what happens when you go out for lunch with bloggers? It's a lot of this....

To start I had some cheesy garlic bread, very yummy, cost £3.99. For mains I had a sirloin steak well done and sweet potato fries and Jack Daniels Honey sauce, the steak was quite burnt on the outside, even though I have all my meat well done I've been to plenty of restaurants that have served me a steak without a layer of coal charcoal on the outside, considering this cost £15.99 I still had to pay an extra 99p for sweet potato fries which didn't impress me, does this look like a dish that is worth £15.99? I don't think so. The highlight of my meal was dessert, the cookie dough cheesecake was delicious and probably the only good thing about my £26.46 meal.

As this is an American style restaurant I was looking forward to some fantastic service, being a waitress myself I am always judging and evaluating service when I go out and I do so automatically. It's safe to say I was very disappointed by the service at the restaurant, staff were visibly unhappy, drinks were forgotten, food took an hour to arrive, plates took awhile to be cleared, service was lacking a smile. We would probably have had better service from a robot. Thankfully there was one waitress who was pretty smily and upbeat but we only got served by her once. All in all not what I would have expected from this type of restaurant. My thoughts go out to the family celebrating a birthday there who had to endure the birthday song that was sang me no enthusiasm.

I won't be returning to TGI Friday's Swansea again. Overpriced meals and disappointing service.

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