Meet The Squad

Blogging has proved to be invaluable to me, not only giving me extra money, somewhere to write my thoughts but also surprisingly a vital tool for my social life. Since I started blogging years ago I have attended events and made some fantastic friends, but there are four special people who have become my best friends, meet (left to right) Charlotte, Lottie, (Me), Holly and Neesha. (Photo taken from our day out taking outfit pictures, see the posts here and here.)

Neesha blogs at Reinventing Neesha, and I'm so jealous at how often she posts (alot). I met Neesha when she attended the Party At The Angel event, she came early to help us with the balloons. Neesha's fantastic, and has been a great friends, we've had sleepovers at her house, nights out in Swansea and ootd meet ups where we took pictures of each other.

Charlotte blogs at Rose Above The Thorns, so jelous of all her ootd photos because her hair is so mermaid and gorgeous. I met Charlotte when we chatted on twitter about running a blogger event, together Charlotte and I came up with Party At The Angel. Charlotte's a great friend and someone I can always turn to if I have a problem or need some advice.

Lottie blogs at Lottie Lately. I met Lottie outside Party At The Angel whilst I was getting some of the things out of the car. Lottie's great fun and I enjoy spending time with her and the girls. I really admire how hard she works on her blog.

Holly blogs at Holly Stockport. I also met Holly at Party At The Angel, we chatted and I literally thought she was so cool, and I really admired her blogging and Youtube channel so after the event when we were meeting up with the other girls I took this as my chance to get to know her better and I'm so glad I did.

If you take anything away from this post, take away the confidence to go to events and put yourself out there because if I hadn't decided I wanted to organise an event I would have a very sad social life, and I would probably be quite sad and boring. Life's too short to not have the best people around you.

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