January: Spending Ban

I have a confession, my name is Ffion and I am a compulsive spender.

It no longer matters how much money I make or how much time I have, I always seem to be able to empty my bank account every month. Reasons for this range from my Amazon addiction (and my Amazon Prime membership), my love of takeaways (and eating out) and finally my need to treat myself after a particularly hard or stressful day (which is pretty much everyday). Whilst looking for ideas on how to save money I remembered a common blogger concept 'The Spending Ban' and after reading this post, decided to give it a go.

A spending ban is the concept of limiting the amount of money you spend or cutting out the unnecessary spending you do. It's used a lot in the bloggersphere and I've always been interested in giving it a go to see if it can help me rein in my spending and cushion my savings account (which currently holds a very sorry £20).

My Rules
1. No eating out, No takeaways
2. No online shopping
3. No treats such as skincare/make up/clothes
4. Only buy 100% necessary items
5. Car pool to work when possible (I spend around £40/£60 a week on petrol)
6. £3 meal deals from Tesco's if I am unable to make/take lunch on the go

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