How to make periods a little bit better

Since I hit puberty and had my first period I have had terrible period pain, by my second year in Secondary School I was missing so much school due to the horrific pain I was experiencing I was marched to the doctors to start trying a range of different contraceptives to try and help. I've tried most pills but none of them seemed to work for me, so I settled for the injection (even though I hate injections). Thankfully the injection didn't just take away my period pain it took away my periods. I'm proud to say I had not had a painful period in four years until November. I had been off the injection since April and been given tablets to take to America with me and had kept up with the tablets until October where I stopped taking them, meaning by mid November I was bent over the toilet in agony throwing up.

I'd forgotten how horrible periods are until now, and I can't for the life of me remember how I managed to survive without the injection. However, my period and it's pain lasted a lot longer than any I had had before so here's a list of how I managed to deal with the pain and hopefully these things will help you too.

1. Hot bath
When my ovaries switch into battle mode I like to jump into a hot bath for a soak, there's something about hot water that takes some of the pain away. A hot bath, some fresh pyjamas and a hot water bottle to put on your lower back and you should feel slightly better.

2. Pain Killers
When pain comes, take some pain killers. When I was younger I took Feminax which worked pretty well. Take them as soon as you know you're coming on and continue to take them every 4 hours to ward off the pain.

3. Sleep
Rest and sleep, when you're asleep you can't feel the pain. I try to sleep through as many period days as possible, in fact as I'm writing this I'm experiencing the pain that comes with being a woman, sleep is key.

4. Water
With period pain I also experience migraines, the last thing I want is a headache that is down to dehydration so keep drinking water.

5. Granny knickers
There's something about putting on your biggest pair of knickers, ordering a pizza and watching Netflix that makes periods that little bit more bearable. Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

6. Healthy Food
I lie. What you really need is a dominoes pizza and a gigantic bar of galaxy chocolate.

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